The Silhouette Soft Thread lift (or the ‘lunchtime face lift’) is an innovative technique that uses absorbable threads overlaid with cones to provide a gentle lift to sagging facial features.

How does it work?

The threads are made of absorbable polylactic acid with bidirectional cones which provide the lift. This material has been used safely for many years in sutures and orthopaedic implants. The threads are gently inserted under the skin using a fine needle. Once they are in position they are tightened to provide the desired lift. The sutures dissolve over time and stimulate collagen production to provide a natural biological lift.

The Procedure

The procedure takes around an hour, but a thorough consultation is undertaken beforehand to ensure the client is happy with the desired outcome.

A small amount of local anesthetic is inserted at the entry and exit points of the threads. Once all the threads are inserted we apply gentle traction on the threads to achieve the desired lift. The tails of the threads are then cut off flush with the skin.

We will arrange to review you around 2 weeks after the procedure to check on progress.

Which areas can be treated?

The thread lift is most effective at lifting jowls and sagging cheeks. It can help define the jaw line and freshen the facial features.

How long do the results last? 

The maximal lift lasts around 12 months but it can be longer in some individuals. The manufacturers advise that the thread absorbs over 18-24 months and so some lift can remain for this time period.

Side effects and downtime

There is minimal downtime after the procedure.

As with any cosmetic procedure you may experience some bruising and swelling afterwards but this will settle. There will be a feeling of tightness and lift from the threads.

You should avoid facial, beauty or dental treatments for 1 week and vigorous exercise for 2 weeks afterwards. Try to sleep on your back slightly elevated (2 pillows) for the same period.