Exciting new treatment at Morley Aesthetics.

Threads are used to treat many areas.

Known as the ‘Lunch Time Lift’ or the ‘One Stitch Face Lift’. Thread lifts use absorbable sutures to provide a natural looking lift to the face. It is particularly useful for the neck and jowls helping to provide definition and reduce sagging.

We offer both PDO Bidirectional Threads and the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift.


Which Thread lift is right for me?

You will have a thorough consultation with either Dr Claudia or Dr Crispin to determine which lift might be right for you. Once you have made your informed decision you can book in for the treatment at a time that’s convenient to you.


Elionce PDO Rejuva Lift Threads

Dr Crispin uses the Elionce Rejuva Lift Threads to achieve the desired result. These threads have bidirectional anchor points that help lift and support the skin. The Threads are made of Polydioxanone an absorbable suture material. They are inserted with a cannula which improves comfort for the client.


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

These threads use bidirectional cones to achieve their lift. They are made of Polylactic Acid a biodegradable polymer used for many years in Orthopaedics.


How does a Thread lift work?


The Threads are inserted beneath the skin into the muscle and connective tissue layer using a fine needle or cannula. The lifting effect is immediate creating a firmer look with improved structure, lifting jowls and improving the jaw line. The threads stimulate collagen formation enhancing the lift and providing support for up to 18 months.


Which areas can be treated?


The Thread lift is most effective for the Jaw line, Jowls and lower face. We also use it in our Ultimate Eye Package. Here we use threads to lift the brow and combine it with a PLEXR non-surgical Blepharoplasty to banish those annoying hooded eyelids.


Are there any Side effects?


No surgical procedure is without risk but thread lifts in the right hands have very few side effects. Some people notice slight bruising or swelling but this can usually be covered with makeup. There is the extremely rare chance of infection.




You should avoid dental work, facials or other beauty treatments and strenuous exercise for 1 week post treatment. We will arrange a follow consultation around 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Some people find our Ultimate Face Lift is what they want and we can discuss and treat any volume loss, for example around nasolabial folds with filler, at this consultation. This holistic approach providing lift to sagging skin with re-volumisation of trouble areas can also be combined with HIFU for the Ultimate improvement.





Elionce Rejuva lift


4 Threads      £600

6 Threads      £750

8 Threads      £900


4 Silhouette Soft Threads    £1500

6 Silhouette Soft Threads    £2000